"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

—Aaron Siskind



If your home were on fire (heaven forbid) what would you save? Besides your family members/pets and wallets…most people answer, “My photos of course!” This is my passion – let me help you.

Picture your photos organized ...

  1. Having a customized system where you can easily find that photo from the cottage from the summer 1999 – or the one you don’t want to (haircut circa 1982)
  2. All of your files are backed up and protected
  3. Imagine your hard photos filed by theme, by year
  4. All formats (8mm films/slides/VHS/old photos etc) are in current technology and ready to share with family members
  5. And on top of all of that I help you create the most memorable photo gifts ever!

 Hundreds and thousands of photos, slides and home movies are not being enjoyed because of disorganized or obsolete storage systems.  But the printed book remains one of the most enduring formats.  Don’t wait until your family member passes on and you inherit a box of loose old photographs!  It is my life’s mission to teach people to write on the backs of their photos with the 3 W's.  Who is in the photo?  Where was it taken and why?  We need to tell the stories, share the memories and collect the traditions of our lives and pass them onto the next generation.  Leave behind your legacy of love!

Here are some interesting statistics about the volume of photography in today’s world:

  •  750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook on New Year’s Day 2011
  • 30.4 Billion images are saved a year, but only 16 million are printed
  • 86% of digital images never leave the camera

Did you know that it is not only encouraging but good for a child’s growth and self esteem to have a photo gallery?  According to Dr. Krauss co-author of “Photo Therapy and Mental Health” It says to a child “I’m important in this family.”   He also advocates going through family albums with children once in a while to give them a clear vision of their change and growth. 

In the book “The Magic of Encouragement” by child psychotherapist Stephanie Marston, she suggests placing photos in a child’s room beside the bed.  She says “it enhances their feeling of safety and it’s these positive images that are likely to be the last thing they see before sleep and first thing when they wake up in the morning.” 

I personally think this works for big kids too!  :)